EYLM Open Mic

...कलमकारों के साथ!

कलम-Kaarii…कलमकारों के साथ! is an open mic platform initiated by EYLM Events specifically for all the Writers, Poets & Shayars. In order to highlight those rhymes and thoughts which usually remain hidden and obscure in the diaries.

In actuality, Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted cotton textile, but here “कलम-Kaarii” refers to the painting of one’s emotions & feelings on paper through ink.

With कलम-Kaarii, one can not only perform but also can explore and feel the existence of language and literature.

We have introduced the title “नव कलमकार” for the new writers or the ones who got कलम-Kaarii as their first ever stage in order to motivate and inspire them to continue with their writings ahead.

In a nutshell, कलम-Kaarii is the first step towards a long literary journey of a writer.